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Alcohol and Drugs Course

Alcohol and Drugs Course

COURSE DETAILS You do not need to take this course, if you have a valid license from another country or state. The minimum age to take this course is 15 years old. Duration 4h. Video content of 4 hours and questionnaire of 10 multiple options questions.

ADI course

ADI Course

Advanced Driving Course The 12 Hour ADI Course is a class required by Florida drivers that have received a court order to attend an Advanced Driver Improvement class, or have had a license suspended or revoked (Non-DUI Related). Typical reasons students need to take the 12 hour driving course include:


  • Court Ordered as part of a sentencing judgment – including an “In Person” requirement from Hillsborough, Pinellas, Orange, Osceola and Brevard Counties Obtain a Hardship License.
  • Relieve Point Suspension – License Suspended due to excessive Points.
  • Relieve Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) Revocation.
  • Florida DMV Requirement to Complete a “3 Collisions in 3 Years” Program.

SDAPP course

SDAPP Course

Significantly improve safe driving skills. Additionally, taking this course voluntarily meets court requirements, and may prevent points from being stored on your driving record. To significantly improve safe driving skills. Also, taking this course voluntarily meets court requirements, and can prevent points from be assessed on your driving record.

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DWLS Course

(Basic, aggressive, Driving While License Suspended (DWLS))
This is an 8 hour course with 50 min modules with a 10 min Break and is only for:

  • TCAC (traffic collision Avoidance Course) - received a letter from DMV following a crash they were charge with and someone received medical attention at time of the crash.
  • Insurance o Business- their employer or insurance company has requested.
  • Court Ordered.
  • DMV ordered.
  • BDI election.
  • Youthful Offender.

It consists of a multiple choice multiple choice test with 50 questions about traffic laws and of which 40 must be answered correctly, that is, you can only have 10 incorrect ones. It lasts 60 minutes.
With an approximate duration of 10 minutes, where driving skills are evaluated with maneuvers of: 3-point turn, quick stop, straight forward in reverse, straight entry and straight exit from a parking space.

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Alcohol and Drugs Course

4-Hour Florida First-Time Driver Course (TLSAE)
The Florida First Time Driver Course, also known as the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) Course or the Drug & Alcohol Course., is required by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for all first time driver's license applicants under Florida Statute 322.095. For drivers who have never received a driver's license in any state, country, or jurisdiction, the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course has to be completed before applying for a learner's permit in the state of Florida.
After this course is completed successfully, teenagers aged 15-17 can complete the Official Florida Permit Exam online in order to test for their learner' s permit. lf they are over the age of 18, they are not eligible to take the exam online, and will instead need to complete it at their local DMV office.
The TLSAE course is also required for licensed drivers under 21 years of age who have received a notice of suspension for driving with an illegal blood alcohol level of .02 - .05. After successful completion of this class, students can submit their request to the Bureau of Administrative Review in order to start the process of obtaining a hardship license.
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SDAPP Course

4-Hour Florida Basic Driver lmprovement Course
The Florida 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course is for Florida drivers who received a non-criminal minor traffic ticket and elect to take the course to prevent points, or have been ordered by a judge to, or were at fault in a traffic accident in which someone was injured. Sorne drivers also voluntarily take the course in order to receive an insurance discount. By electing to take a driver improvement course, drivers will receive an 18% reduction in their fine, prevent points on their license, and prevent an increase in their auto insurance as a result of a ticket.
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8 Hour Course

8-Hour Florida Basic Driver lmprovement Course
This course is for Florida drivers who have received 2 traffic tickets in a 12-month period and have been court ordered by a judge to take the course. The course has severa! other names including: 8-Hour Traffic School, 8-Hour Intermediate Course, 8-Hour SDAPP Course.
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8 Hour Course

8-Hour Florida Aggressive Driver lmprovement Course
This 8 Hour Aggressive Course is intended for drivers who have been ordered by a judge to attend because they have shown signs of aggressive driving behavior, such as: accumulating an excessive number of citations, driving with excessive speed, or unknowingly driving with a suspended license.
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ADI Course

12-Hour Florida Advanced Driver lmprovement Course
This course is for those wanting to reinstate a revoked or suspended license in Florida.
It also meets the requirements of a court-ordered driver improvement course in Florida or Virginia. Note: This course is not for those working to address DUl-related suspensions. U pon enrolling into the 12-Hour ADI, students are provided a Verification of Enrollment Certificate that can be used to obtain a hardship license.
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6-Hour Florida Mature Driver Course
Florida drivers over the age of 55+ who complete this course receive a state mandated 10% discount on their auto insurance premium for 3 years (per Statute 627.0652) Ali auto insurance companies in Florida are mandated to recognize this discount once a driver has successfully completed this course. This course is designed to be a refresher on safe driving, new laws and new factors that lead to distracted driving.
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4-Hour Florida Parenting Course(Divorce)
This course, officially known as the Parent Education & Family Stabilization Course, is approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families and required in Florida Courts when parties in a dissolution of marriage have minor children. * per State of Florida, statute 61.21
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6-Hour New York Point & lnsurance Reduction Program
This course, approved by the New York Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, can be taken for insurance discounts, point reduction, or to meet a TLC requirement. ASl's Online PIRP course meets all the requirements to qualify drivers for a mandatory 10% discount on their car insurance for 3 years. For eligible drivers, this course can also remove up to four points and keep their license from getting suspended. *The New York Taxi and limo Commission requires ali new driver applicants and existing drivers to complete this course every 3 years.
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6-Hour New Jersey Defensive Driving Course
This defensive driving course meets the requirements of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission for obtaining a 5%-10% reduction in insurance premiums and/or earning up to 2 points reduction in accrued penalties on their driving record.
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12-Hour Virginia Advanced Driver lmprovement Course
This course, officially known as the Advanced Driver lmprovement Course, is accepted by Virginia Courts.
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